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Hypermedia APIs, Part Two

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Last time, I treated you guys to some Solomonesque baby‐splitting between Steve Klabnik and DHH, and then spent two dozen paragraphs talking about how Gowalla’s API was pretty groundbreaking and how Scott Raymond was like the Lou Reed of hypermedia APIs. To balance out all this ridiculous self‐praise, I’ll talk

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Designing the Census

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The recent mailer from the U.S. Census Bureau struck a chord with two of my hobbies: information design and open government. Today I’ll be redesigning a piece of paper that looks mundane but has an astonishing impact on the amount of money our country is spending to conduct the 2010 Census. Sometimes good design can solve large‐scale problems.

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The “Configurable” pattern

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If you don’t know about Raphaël, you’d better ask somebody. It provides a vector drawing API that works in all major browsers (by abstracting between SVG and VML). I’ve been working on a JavaScript charting library called Krang. Krang is designed to take a data set and produce any chart

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Tough Love

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Jason Scott rips into Joe Clark. I have learned a number of things from Joe Clark, and I still find reason to link someone to i let u b u at least once per quarter. But I can’t find much fault with this assessment of his words and his worldview.

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Paginate THIS

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Here’s a lovely pagination control I looked at on PSDTUTS today. Actually, first I used it; when it took me to a page I was not expecting, I hit the Back button and looked at it. It’s a testament to both my arrogance and my compulsiveness that I found five

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