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That SXSW panel I was on the other day (I am, um, awful at self‐promotion, even on my own blog) has already been released via podcast, to my own astonishment. John Resig‘s got the slides, so as soon as he posts them I’m sure we’ll find a way to synchronize them to this audio.


Bullshit or no, good conferences attract good people for one reason; they know other good people will be there. You don’t go to act like a hero; you go to meet the people who are heroes to you. And, to me, there are 100‐year opportunities for awesome in the hallways and bars and hotel rooms and even at the horseshit parties where loud music and free liquor turn a lot of people who should know better into retards and mooks… for three hazy days last week, I wandered from one Algonquin Round Table to another, and I must tell you it was pure, unironic joy.

Merlin Mann (on SXSW)


Zefrank, bewildered by the shirtless rapping dude. Taken last night at Molotov.

March 11, 2007
Photo: WTF?

If you’re like me and your MacBook Pro keeps waking up inside your laptop bag (draining your precious battery life), you can force it into “safe sleep” (hibernation) instead by running sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 1 from the terminal. It takes a bit longer to go to sleep, but it also prevents these accidental awakenings, since you have to hold down the power key for a second or two to wake it up.


Enjoyed the panel on ARGs. I really need to put away my laptop during panels and make myself listen to the discussion.


Regarding the "shaking" behavior of the OS X login screen when an incorrect password is typed in

Tom Merritt (moderator)
(in jest) Couldn’t people misinterpret that and think their monitors are just broken?
Mark Ligameri (former Longhorn UI guy)
No, they’re Mac users. They’d blame themselves first.


Bryan Veloso’s Avalonstar Bowling Extravaganza was a hearty success last night. I have sore muscles, some of which I didn’t even know were used for bowling, but ’tis most definitely worth it. At left, Tron celebrates the act of striking pins.

March 14, 2006
Photo: Tron