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From a recent episode of Get Your War On.

Accounts Payable
Look, man, if McCain is elected, I can guarantee you will never be bored. Because America’s going to be a dynamic, exciting country again!
Accounts Receivable
Because everything’s gonna be on fire.

From the Something Awful Forums.

I propose that should Florida fall flat for [Hillary Clinton], it be referred to as “pulling a Giuliani.” All those in favor?
Opposed. “Pulling a Giuliani” needs to keep its meaning of putting all your eggs in one basket and then having that basket get set on fire and thrown into a wood chipper.

At the beginning of an episode of X-Play on G4TV.

Adam Sessler
Hey there, and welcome to X‐Play: a vain attempt to hold the attention of men 18–34.
Morgan Webb
We assume that we’ll soon be replaced with a show about beer and shiny things.
Adam Sessler
And ladies who don’t wear pants!