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Busy at JSConf EU, but it bears mentioning that 2.0 is now in beta. The main new feature put a few gray hairs on my head: it will “optimize” certain animations to be GPU‐accelerated in capable browsers, including MobileSafari on iPhone and iPad. Here’s a demo that explains it in greater detail.


Mock geolocation

Useful if you’re working on a website meant for mobile devices. Firefox 3.5 has geolocation, but I use this with Safari and GreaseKit. Replace with whatever latitude and longitude you prefer, naturally.

if (!('geolocation' in navigator)) {
  navigator.geolocation = {
    watchPosition: function(success, f, options) {
      var broadcast = function() {
        var position = {
          coords: {
            latitude: 30.2696384,
            longitude: -97.74947,
            accuracy: 10000,
          timestamp: (new Date()).valueOf()
      window.setInterval(broadcast, 10000);

Thomas Fuchs just pushed out the alpha 5 release of scripty2. This is the first release to include the small handful of UI controls I’ve been writing. The controls are designed to be compatible with jQuery UI’s Theme API — meaning that, for instance, a theme built with ThemeRoller could be dropped into a site using scripty2, and vice‐versa. More to come!

The “Configurable” pattern

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If you don’t know about Raphaël, you’d better ask somebody. It provides a vector drawing API that works in all major browsers (by abstracting between SVG and VML). I’ve been working on a JavaScript charting library called Krang. Krang is designed to take a data set and produce any chart

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Panel audio from The Ajax Experience

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I just discovered the existence of audio (and slides) for two of the sessions I was involved with at The Ajax Experience 2008, held in Boston last September. Which is to say: I knew that audio existed, but didn’t know it was yet available anywhere. The first was PPK’s main‐hall

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Dean Edwards explains how the standard “callback” pattern in JavaScript is too brittle for something like a “DOM ready” event. Prototype appears to be the one major library that handles this “correctly.” WIN!