Panel audio from The Ajax Experience

Posted in Prototype

I just discovered the existence of audio (and slides) for two of the sessions I was involved with at The Ajax Experience 2008, held in Boston last September.

Which is to say: I knew that audio existed, but didn’t know it was yet available anywhere.

The first was PPK’s main‐hall session: Top 10 Cross‐Browser Issues. This was a hell of a lot of fun — it allowed representatives from all major frameworks to compare and contrast the approaches they take for dealing with browser putrescence.

Incidentally, this is the panel that Christian Heilmann mentions in his Developer Evangelism handbook — we engaged in a little friendly banter, but overall I think we left the impression that JavaScript libraries get along just fine.

(After this session, someone gave the the compliment that I was the funniest person on the panel, so do whatever you want with that. I’m not sure whether it reflects well on Prototype or not.)

The other session was Defensive, Cross‐Browser Coding with Prototype, the session for which I posted the slides long ago. You can probably get through the slides alone in about ten minutes, but set to a track of my rambling, stuttering rhetoric, it lasts an entire hour. Enjoy!