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After Monday’s keynote confirmed that there would be no iPhone in the near future, I walked into a nearby CompUSA and walked out with an unlocked Nokia 6682. I’d been waiting for an N80, but at this point it’s only slightly more feasible than that Star Trek communicator-thingie. Tonight I finally figured out the proper settings to use it as a GPRS/EDGE modem for my MacBook Pro. 200kbps downstream! Somebody pinch me!



Is Ballmer going to be another John Sculley, who nearly drove Apple into extinction because the board of directors thought that selling Pepsi was good preparation for running a computer company? The cult of the MBA likes to believe that you can run organizations that do things that you don’t understand.

Joel Spolsky



Senior vice presidents [at Microsoft] sometimes review UI designs of individual features, a nod to Steve Jobs that would in better days have betokened a true honor but for its randomizing effects. Give me a cathedral, give me a bazaar — really, either would be great. Just not this middle world in which some decisions are made freely while others are made by edict, with no apparent logic separating each from the other but the seeming curiosity of someone in charge.




The ability to pick shit up quickly and solve problems is far more important than the ability to regurgitate arbitrary facts. If I can hand you anything from a broken mail configuration to a broken coffee machine, and you tell me “I know nothing about this, but I’m on it,” you’re somebody I want working with me.




The recent stream of political items may or may not be coincidental; I honestly can’t tell. But if you’re as tired of hearing about Diebold as I am, please consider a one-time or monthly donation to the Open Voting Consortium. I can think of no better example of a system that would necessitate community-owned software.



It’s as though Microsoft invented a car with an opaque windshield — and then devised camera and periscope attachments so you can see where you’re going.

David Pogue



The Lesson. Yes! I’ve been saying this for months! (Not to other people, mind you. I’ve been saying it inside my own head.) Flickr is another good example: even if nobody else used the site, I’d still find it useful as a photo hosting platform. The network effect doesn’t just happen.



When, seventeen years ago, I designed the Web, I did not have to ask anyone’s permission… Anyone can build a new application on the Web, without asking me, or Vint Cerf, or their ISP, or their cable company, or their operating system provider, or their government, or their hardware vendor.

Tim Berners-Lee



If Goodin wanted to be reasonable or accurate, he could have written a story titled “Some Guy Double-Clicked a Trojan Horse Virus for Mac OS X but It Didn’t Actually Spread to Anyone Else”, but what kind of story would that be? OK, it’d be a true story, but it wouldn’t be a good story.

Jon Gruber


The Bad in Email. For a long time I’ve considered e-mail a hair’s breadth away from completely broken; I really don’t know why we haven’t started over.

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