Author: Andrew Dupont



Verdict: 94/100 (Minimum score is 0; maximum is 100.)

How good is Pentiment? Good enough that I’m writing a video game review on my weblog for the first time in a decade.

I described this to a friend as “The Oregon Trail for grown‐ups.” It’s a game written by someone with expertise in, and obvious love for, a specific place and time in history: Bavaria in the year 1518, at the cusp of the Reformation.

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Laundry Spy, Part 4: The finale

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In this article — the finale to the series, I promise — you’ll actually install your laundry spy and calibrate it to your particular washer and dryer. Once you’ve got them working reliably, I’ll show you a few ESP8266 libraries that you can drop into this sketch (or others) if you crave more features.

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Nostalgia-Tron, Part 10: Metadata

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You might have noticed that your list of installed games looks a bit bland in EmulationStation without artwork, game descriptions, and the like. You could use the metadata scraper that comes with RetroPie, but for MAME games I think it’s better to leverage the pedantry of the community and fill your game lists with more reliable metadata.

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