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Undecidability of Equivalence (Or: The Pitfalls of Advanced Event Listening)

This article is Part Two of my unofficial series Putting My Readers to Sleep by Writing 1,000 Words about JavaScript Minutiae.
Undecidability of Equivalence
If you’ve got FireBug installed, or if you’ve got easy access to some other kind of JavaScript shell, try typing the following line:
var one = function() { alert(’ok’) }; var two = function()



Objectified: Custom element methods in Prototype

N.B.: This article assumes basic knowledge of JavaScript and familiarity with a very recent version of Prototype (ideally 1.5_rc0). For an introduction to Prototype, try Sitepoint’s Painless JavaScript Using Prototype; to get a recent version of Prototype, download Scriptaculous or follow the instructions for Subversion checkout on the Prototype homepage.
The Scandalous De-Objectification of the

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