Prototype Developer Day at The Ajax Experience

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Are you going to The Ajax Experience in Boston at the end of September? Or, alternatively, are you a Prototype fan who lives near Boston? Read on.

This year, the illustrious organizers of TAE are reserving the first half of the conference’s first day (September 29) for the Ajaxian Framework Summit. Four separate tracks will run at the same time: one each for Prototype, jQuery, and Dojo, and one generic track for beginners and framework agnostics.

Christophe Porteneuve and I, already attending TAE as speakers, were asked to run Prototype’s track. You may know Christophe as the author of The Bungee Book, the awesome Prototype/ tome that in no way competes with my own book. I know him as a guy who oozes enthusiasm from his pores when given the opportunity to organize an event like this.

Juriy Zaytsev, creator of Scripteka, will also be attending; and we’re doing our best to get other Prototype devs to town as well.

The agenda for the half‐day reads like a crash‐course in getting involved in the Prototype community. The community aspect has, quite frankly, been neglected lately; around the core team we’d love to build a halo of contributors as enthusiasic as jQuery’s, or as daring as Dojo’s.

We want to show you some of the stuff we’ve been working on; we want to talk about the future of Prototype and its related projects; and we want to open up the floor to whatever you want to ask us.

You may attend the Prototype summit independently of The Ajax Experience for free. But since you’ll be there already, why not sign up for the quintessential conference for frontend web developers? TAE is three packed days of smart people sharing real‐world development experience that’s worth its weight in swag. (And, oh, there is swag, folks.)

If you’d like to attend the Prototype summit, fill out our short form. If you’d like to attend The Ajax Experience as well, register now with the code Prototype to save $100 on registration.