By the way, I would have voted for Drew Brees for “most accurate,” and the evidence backs it up: Only 44 poor throws out of a league‐leading 479 pass attempts for a 9.9 percentage of bad throws… He’s also an astonishing 26‐for‐45 for 14 TDs, 2 INTs and 1,112 yards on throws that travel at least 21‐plus yards in the air. He leads the league in 20‐plus yard passes (55) and 20‐plus yard touchdowns (16). He has the best TD/INT differential in the league (+15). He’s second in passing for first downs (180 overall). He’s even second in the league in dropped passes by his receivers (28). Look, I know Tomlinson has been amazing, but Brees has been playing out of his mind with a collection of rookies and castoffs. He has to be the MVP through 14 weeks. No other choice is acceptable.

Bill Simmons