Web 2.oo

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I really don’t know whether Webaroo is useful or not; and, to be honest, it’s not their fault that I suddenly decided this was the last straw. But I’d have to make flash cards and study them for days before I could distinguish between Asoboo, Cluckoo, Gumshoo, Orangoo, Picaboo, Polloo, Qooxdoo, Reevoo, Renkoo, Sabifoo, Springdoo, Squidoo, Webaroo, and Wufoo.

I know that unique and memorable domain names are hard to come by. I know this. But it’s as if all these companies wondered aloud: “Hmm, in what respect should we model ourselves after Yahoo?” — then skipped right over possible answers like “consistent UI guidelines” and “open, RESTful APIs” and “graded browser support” and landed squarely on “phonics.”

The next time someone asks me what “web 2.0” means, I’ll bypass the usual hemming and hawing and reply confidently: “Ooooooooooooo.”