Warm Reception

Posted in Personal

Writing from my new apartment, now that my seemingly interminable flood of stuff‐to‐do has slowed to a trickle. Cable and internet are hooked up, everything is more or less where I want it, and I cooked my first meals in the new place today — I’d put off grocery‐shopping until yesterday because I was too busy to prepare something at a leisurely pace.

I very much like the place. I imagine you will, too; so if you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to call me out of the blue and invite yourself over. I’ll jump at the chance to entertain, since I’m at the point where I haven’t had enough time to mess the place up yet, and since any stray boxes can be kicked into a closet at a moment’s notice.

That’s all I’ll say about it for now. But check it out: my cell phone actually works now. I get a signal inside my apartment! Five fucking bars’ worth of signal! I can walk around my apartment and carry on a conversation! This is fantastic news, because it’s starting to get cold, and the routine of throwing on pants and running outside whenever the phone rang was wearing paper‐thin. I might actually return phone calls now!