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Sunday’s news: the Saints suck, but San Antonio can suck it.

Tom Benson is the new most‐hated owner on earth, but strange as it may seem I can’t bring myself to hate him. Everyone’s owner is the worst owner in sports. Owners aren’t supposed to be liked (unless they’re Wellington Mara, it would seem, but then the Giants aren’t ever going to leave town). Owners are the ones who have no choice to consider the business end of things. They’re prevented from being sentimental about the game. Of course they’re going to be evil.

Thus, to what I’ve been saying all along: it’s the NFL’s responsibility to step in and be sentimental. Tagliabue is the one who needed to make a guarantee and then do whatever was necessary to fulfill it. And that’s more or less what he did. He also mentioned the possibility of league subsidies to the team, which is the exact idea I had six weeks ago, so it’s flattering to know that Tags reads my blog.

Now, regarding the actual performance of the team: we’re 2–6 right now. At this point, assuming it doesn’t affect the team’s chances of relocation one way or the other, I’d rather we lose out. Several reasons:

  1. It’ll give us a chance to weed out the crappy players who can’t be moved to play well in a shitty season.
  2. It’ll give us a high draft pick, one we need to spend on a new quarterback. Yes, it’s finally happened: I’ve given up on Aaron Brooks once and for all.
  3. It’ll present the opportunity for a coaching change.

I doubt #3 will happen; this hurricane will end up saving Haslett’s job. But anyone who thinks he doesn’t deserve firing has paid no attention to the team over the past few seasons: we were doing the same stupid crap before the hurricane. Ten penalties a game, drive‐killing fumbles, dropped passes — this is all par for the course. We’re not sucking in new ways; we’re just sucking to a greater degree.