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Paginate THIS

Here’s a lovely pagination control I looked at on PSDTUTS today. Actually, first I used it; when it took me to a page I was not expecting, I hit the Back button and looked at it.

It’s a testament to both my arrogance and my compulsiveness that I found five things I could “fix” about this



Screens from Gamefly

Gamefly, the Netflix of video games, does a nice thing when you try to rent your first game on a new system:

Much better than being forced to go to an options page.
However, the “GameQ” page — where you can specify the order in which you want your games delivered — needs a little work:

If ever



Ye gods — what a horrible screen. Kids, please don’t design your menus with a for loop.



Breadcrumbs in Web Navigation. On breadcrumbs vs. the back button, one user said: “It’s safer to push ‘back’ because I know what I’ve seen. If I push this [breadcrumb link] I don’t know if I’m going to get what I got before. I don’t want to waste any time.” Moral: unless it’s a single-page application, do not break the back button in your web app.

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