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Happy new year, folks. It’s been a while since I spoke in my own voice on this blog with any regularity; mostly it’s just quotations and links and such, with the occasional post about JavaScript. I will stop short of saying it’s a resolution of mine to reverse that trend. (Here’s a tip for resolutions: pick something small, sustainable, and quotidian. Don’t resolve to lose weight; resolve to drink one fewer soda per day, and start on January 1.)



So I’m here, finally, after leaving Dallas at 6:30 this morning. Missed the 10:00 panels, haven’t really talked to anyone yet, but somehow I feel cooler than I was an hour ago. Hopefully it’ll stick.



Making Things Easy

I’m missing the first day of SXSW Interactive because I’m in Dallas, Texas, to watch my cousin Eric get married this evening. Tomorrow morning I will wake up whenever the cock crows, run out the door, and get into my car. If the gods smile upon me I’ll be back in Austin in



New Things

I had a whole entry typed up before I left for Thanksgiving. I swear I did. I know not where it went.
To prove how much of a dork I am, I wandered around The Container Store last week for about thirty minutes. It was my first time inside said store, and the



Warm Reception

Writing from my new apartment, now that my seemingly interminable flood of stuff-to-do has slowed to a trickle. Cable and internet are hooked up, everything is more or less where I want it, and I cooked my first meals in the new place today — I’d put off grocery-shopping until yesterday because I was too



Pocketful of Change

My job search is something I haven’t talked about much in my journal. The superstitious part of me, tiny though it is, was worried about jinxing it, I suppose. But now it’s too late to jinx.
I’ve been offered a job at BMC Software’s Austin offices. I don’t remember what my title will be, but it’s



Streets of Evangeline

I spent much of today at work imagining the total destruction of my hometown, so I announce with great relief that most of New Orleans has been spared the worst.
It’s not yet known how much our neighborhood flooded, and it likely won’t be known for at least a couple more days. Authorities are advising people

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