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In the end, The Path is a little bit like getting punched in the nose by a centaur. It’s momentarily painful, but you get to spend the next few days trying to figure out precisely what the hell just happened to you.

Justin McElroy



To watch collectors of arcade games insulting people who were once high score champions on video games is, to anyone even 20 feet away from this subculture, like watching people in fursuits insulting a documentary about people in fursuits who play in a band. It just doesn’t scan, folks.

Jason Scott



Fallout 3

Let’s get straight to the point: Fallout 3, despite its minor flaws, is the closest I’ve felt to inhabiting a real-life world inside a video game. It’s built for exploration and will deliver enough substance for at least a hundred hours of gameplay. On top of all this, enemies’ heads explode if you shoot them just right — and that’s pretty cool by itself.




I’m late to the review party (I was too busy playing the game), so all the superlatives have been used up, but Bioshock is the undisputed Game of the Year. The central plot is shaky at times, but the atmosphere created by the rich backstory and gorgeous scenery is the best I’ve ever experienced in a video game.



Now, I worked on [NFL] Head Coach. There’s no excuse at all for that game and I’m really, truly, sorry. We all tried submitting “Game is awful” as a bug, but nobody listened.

— DrBagpipes (Something Awful forums)



Screens from Gamefly

Gamefly, the Netflix of video games, does a nice thing when you try to rent your first game on a new system:

Much better than being forced to go to an options page.
However, the “GameQ” page — where you can specify the order in which you want your games delivered — needs a little work:

If ever



Saints Row

A surprisingly-good clone of the Grand Theft Auto games. The plot isn’t as good, though, and it suffers from some bizarre and frustrating bugs.



Guitar Hero 2

The new features are fantastic (practice mode, cooperative multiplayer), and there are some excellent songs in this version, but the game doesn’t jell the way the first one did. I am glad I’ve got a new plastic guitar to replace my old one — the whammy bar had broken off and the strum bar was getting a little flimsy.



Dead Rising

For the first five days I owned an Xbox 360, this disc barely left the machine. On top of the ridculously-high replay value, this game is also a really fascinating look at what Japan thinks about American culture. The “Mark of the Sniper” scene (grab the game script and do a search) seemed to be a direct rebuttal to the 1992 Rodney Peairs/Yoshi Hattori incident.



Company of Heroes

Wow. This game scores very highly on my RTS rubric: full camera control, no forced micromanagement, sane multiplayer, and a forgiving learning curve. It’s so engrossing I’ll forgive it for indulging in the boilerplate “noun of noun” naming convention for World War II video games.

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