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Saints 31, Colts 17

The last 24 hours have been warm and tingly. Congratulations to Drew Brees — who finally might get treated like the best quarterback in the league — and to the rest of the team, too. The best part of winning the Super Bowl? The victory is preserved for posterity by NFL Films. It will be shown on countless TV specials and DVDs in awe‐inspiring slow motion with orchestral accompaniment.

February 9, 2010
Saints 31, Colts 17

Randy Newman’s Jewish awakening came rather abruptly. While in high school, he was invited to a country‐club cotillion. When the night of the ball arrived, he received a surprise phone call from the girl’s father. “I’m sorry, Randy,” the father said, “my daughter had no right to invite you, because no Jews are allowed.” Newman answered, “That’s all right, sir,” hung up the phone, and asked his father, “Hey, Dad, what’s a Jew?”

Paul Zollo

Industrial-Strength Panty Remover

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I used to have a guitar‐playing roommate. He was the troubador of the quad — whenever I saw him outside our room he had his guitar slung over his back and his eyes in “brooding” mode. Chicks ate that shit up. You’d think that women in the honors dorms would be a

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