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I’ve had my new unibody MacBook Pro for a week and adore it to tears, but it wasn’t until just now that I was able to address my one outstanding nitpick: I kept accidentally triggering the “pinch zoom” gesture in Safari, making everything on the page awkwardlry huge. There’s no way to turn it off in the settings without disabling multitouch on the trackpad altogether. But Jeff Hawkins’s InputManager fix does the trick. Also available for Firefox and



The Marble of Doom. Record how long the marble/beachball/pinwheel impedes your progress, then see how much money that time would be worth if it were billable. I should do this for the time I’ve spent working around IE6.



If you’re like me and your MacBook Pro keeps waking up inside your laptop bag (draining your precious battery life), you can force it into “safe sleep” (hibernation) instead by running sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 1 from the terminal. It takes a bit longer to go to sleep, but it also prevents these accidental awakenings, since you have to hold down the power key for a second or two to wake it up.



Allan Odgaard plugs my JavaScript Tools Bundle, which (thanks to Thomas Aylott) is now a part of BundleForge. Pretty cool.



Maciej announces feature freeze for WebKit nightlies. They’re going to focus on stability leading up to the Leopard release. They’ve added a lot of stuff since 2.0, especially on the JavaScript front: mutable DOM prototypes, DOM L3 XPath, getters and setters, and engine performance improvements. If all browsers moved this quickly I’d be a very happy man.



It took nearly all weekend (and some help from iDefrag), but I’ve finally set up a Boot Camp partition to replace my Parallels Desktop disk image. I’d nearly stopped using Parallels simply because it took so long to start up and would slow everything else down, but moving to a physical partition solved that. Between Boot Camp support and coherence mode, the recent betas of Parallels have been fantastic.



[REMOVED] TextMate no longer pays tribute to human sacrifices, rape, nor does it show a picture of the God of the deaths in your dock — ticket 945BEB5D

TextMate Changelog



Sorting through my photos of San Francisco, I was reminded how much I love DoubleTake, panorama software designed for human beings. It lets you stitch a series of photos together in an unintimidating manner — something hugin can’t seem to do.



I love the WebKit nightlies, but every so often my plugins stop working entirely (Flash, Quicktime, etc.), forcing me to trash my prefs file and relaunch. A minor hassle, yes, but I’m tired of setting my tabbed-browsing preferences for the eleventh time. Shiira is, in many respects, fantastic, but I can’t seem to find an add-on that’ll do find-as-you-type. This is a deal-breaker. Why does the OS X browser landscape have to be so frustrating?



Dashcode has been rumored to exist for a while, but now we know for certain: it’s being bundled with new MacBooks, and some kind soul sent his copy to Cool OS X Apps. It’s way more robust than I expected. Breakpoints, easy interface building (complete with a library of “ooh shiny” components), a GUI for your widget’s PLIST file, and built-in localization. This is awesome. I really ought to start working on version 2 of my Azureus widget.

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