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Dashcode has been rumored to exist for a while, but now we know for certain: it’s being bundled with new MacBooks, and some kind soul sent his copy to Cool OS X Apps. It’s way more robust than I expected. Breakpoints, easy interface building (complete with a library of “ooh shiny” components), a GUI for your widget’s PLIST file, and built‐in localization. This is awesome. I really ought to start working on version 2 of my Azureus widget.


TextMate lets the user bind any key combination to a snippet or command, thereby overriding the default behavior of that hotkey. This is useful. I’m trained to type option‐shift‐hyphen for em dashes (and option‐hyphen for en dashes)— but in the character‐encoding wasteland of the web, this is risky. So instead I’ve got snippets for the corresponding HTML entities — and – bound to those keys whenever I’m in an HTML scope.


If Goodin wanted to be reasonable or accurate, he could have written a story titled “Some Guy Double‐Clicked a Trojan Horse Virus for Mac OS X but It Didn’t Actually Spread to Anyone Else”, but what kind of story would that be? OK, it’d be a true story, but it wouldn’t be a good story.

Jon Gruber

Bonjour at SXSWi

This is what you can do with Zeroconf. Never underestimate the power of dorks in large numbers.

March 12, 2006
Bonjour at SXSWi