WordPress powers this site. My tumblelog style of blogging would be much more difficult without its extensibility.

More specifically: the tumblelogging features on this site are enabled by a custom‐written theme and a plugin that makes it easy to vary the basic “template” for a post based on custom field data.

Most of the photos posted on this site are pulled from my Flickr photostream. I use their API to pull the URLs to multiple photo sizes for use in the image’s srcset attribute.
Code Highlighting
Done dynamically using Fluorescence, a library I wrote that uses Prototype and is based on Dan Webb’s original syntax highlighter script.
The ability to use OpenID for commenting is driven by the OpenID plugin for WordPress. Live comment preview is made possible by Showdown, a Markdown parser written in JavaScript.
Generic VPS on Rackspace. Migrated from their acquisition of Slicehost. I miss Slicehost very much.