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I feel like Prof. Layton and the Diabolical Box is intentionally messing with me as part of some oblique meta‐puzzle. Is this a geometric font or not? When was the last time you saw a font with a perfectly round O but an oval C?

December 11, 2009
Photo: Incorrect

Saints 38, Patriots 17

The Saints are 11–0. Had you heard? I’ve been reserved so far, but I feel a sports‐gasm coming on that won’t subside until the end of the NFL season. I apologize in advance.

December 1, 2009
Image: Saints 38, Patriots 17

Stay on Target!

Terence Nowicki, Jr., is a freelance editorial cartoonist. Very often I find his take on the news to be more interesting than those of in‐house cartoonists at major newspapers.

October 18, 2009
Image: Stay on Target!

Helen Thomas & Barack Obama

Taken a few weeks ago in the briefing room. Obama and Thomas share a birthday. (It’s most excellent that The White House is on Flickr.)

September 2, 2009
Photo: Helen Thomas & Barack Obama

Innsbruck Old Town

The Golden Roof in the distance. (Went through my photos from last month’s trip and saw a few that had failed to catch my eye the first time around.)

August 23, 2009
Photo: Innsbruck Old Town

Seegrube Café

Saw this guy at a small eatery halfway up a mountain near Innsbruck. He and his dog soon left to descend the mountain — on foot. I took the cable car.

July 29, 2009
Photo: Seegrube Café

Sam & Mislav

Earlier this week, Prototype Core gathered in Vienna to refine our plans for world domination. But first we went to the amusement park.

July 18, 2009
Photo: Sam & Mislav