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CBS’s underlying problem… is the arbitrary and largely ineffectual nature of the fact‐checking process employed by the mainstream media. I have written for perhaps a dozen major publications over the span of my career, and the one with the most thorough fact‐checking process is by some margin Sports Illustrated. Although this is an indication of the respect with which SI accords its brand, it does not speak so well of the mainstream political media that you are more likely to see an unverified claim repeated on the evening news than you are to see in the pages of your favorite sports periodical.

Nate Silver

We didn’t see much of the Bradley effect last night, but now we might have to invent the “Stevens effect” — reluctance to admit to pollsters that you would vote for a convicted felon.


Get Your War On

GYWO has been on fire these past few weeks. Something about its line-drawn style translates very well from stills to video.


From the Something Awful Forums.

I propose that should Florida fall flat for [Hillary Clinton], it be referred to as “pulling a Giuliani.” All those in favor?
Opposed. “Pulling a Giuliani” needs to keep its meaning of putting all your eggs in one basket and then having that basket get set on fire and thrown into a wood chipper.