WordPress powers this site. My tumblelog style of blogging would be much more difficult without its extensibility.

More specifically: the tumblelogging features on this site are enabled by a custom-written theme and a plugin that makes it easy to vary the basic “template” for a post based on custom field data.

Most of the data on the sidebar of the “about” page comes from FriendFeed and their awesome API.

Occasionally I post photos or other images. If they’re hosted on Flickr, I link directly to the image; if not, I use the imgur API so as to avoid hotlinking.

I also post reviews, mostly of video games; these use the hReview microformat.

Prototype supports most of the JavaScript written on this site. Code highlighting is made possible with a heavily modified version of Dan Webb’s venerable script. Live comment preview is made possible by Showdown, a brilliant Markdown processor written in JavaScript. Other bits and pieces can be explored in this GitHub project.

Slicehost is my web host. Cheap, fast, developer-friendly VPS hosting.

Painfully Obvious was built with WordPress, Prototype, Slicehost, and other accoutrements. Colophon →