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Hypermedia APIs, Part Two

Last time, I treated you guys to some Solomonesque baby-splitting between Steve Klabnik and DHH, and then spent two dozen paragraphs talking about how Gowalla’s API was pretty groundbreaking and how Scott Raymond was like the Lou Reed of hypermedia APIs.
To balance out all this ridiculous self-praise, I’ll talk about one of our screwups: how



Don’t slip a concrete dildo into someone’s box of Fruit Loops. They won’t be happy with your Morning Breakfast Surprise. Put the concrete dildo in a clearly labeled box, with instructions. Then when someone encounters a problem, “Hey, something is screwing me here. Maybe it’s the concrete dildo?” at least they know to ask.

The Higgs Bozo



Aren’t you annoyed at having to remember to declare your script tags in the correct order? Your dependency management solution has become tiresome. As I explain on the Prototype blog, we hope that Sprockets will become a natural part of how Prototype add-ons are distributed.



RMagick installation instructions on OS X. Cliffs Notes version: “Compile everything from source.” In all fairness, though, this worked flawlessly on my new Intel Mac (props to DarwinPorts), and it’s pretty much the only way to do it that actually works.



There are exceptions, of course, but the attitude of Ruby on Rails users toward Ruby skeptics or critics has been less than kind. This is a crowd convinced that it has found the ultimate answer to everything, and they are not afraid to let you know. I only have a simple advice for these people: you might be right, but just be humble. It never hurts.

Cédric Beust

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