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Birdcam, or: the unexpected virtue of dumb ideas

I don’t have the patience to learn new skills for their own sake. Most of what I know about computers, including everything I do at my day job, was something I learned because I needed it to do something cool. In 2001 I needed to learn PHP to make a web site, and in 2005



Just use your brain. I’m not sure our industry says this often enough. You’re smart, you make the internet, and you can make good decisions. Pay attention to your craft, weigh the good against the bad, and check your assumptions as you go.

Dave Rupert



Hypermedia APIs, Part Two

Last time, I treated you guys to some Solomonesque baby-splitting between Steve Klabnik and DHH, and then spent two dozen paragraphs talking about how Gowalla’s API was pretty groundbreaking and how Scott Raymond was like the Lou Reed of hypermedia APIs.
To balance out all this ridiculous self-praise, I’ll talk about one of our screwups: how



Hypermedia APIs, Part One

Part of me bristles when I hear someone say “Hypermedia API.” I worry it’ll become the sort of phrase, like “semantic web,” that means different things to different people, and ends up covering such a breadth of ideas that it’s impossible to argue for or against without specifying which flavor you’re addressing.
Nonetheless, when I see



Tuesday. Africa. Lion o’clock.

Jamie Harding



There’s a whole lot of know-nothing advocacy that’s still happening in the JS/webdev/design world these days, and it annoys me to no end. I’m not sure how our community got so religious and fact-disoriented, but it has got to stop.

Alex Russell



I have attached a picture of our puppy. We don’t want the puppy incorporated into the logo but we do want you to capture her spirit and attitude and expect that to be conveyed through design elements.

How Low Can Your Logo?



Busy at JSConf EU, but it bears mentioning that 2.0 is now in beta. The main new feature put a few gray hairs on my head: it will “optimize” certain animations to be GPU-accelerated in capable browsers, including MobileSafari on iPhone and iPad. Here’s a demo that explains it in greater detail.



Feast on slides: How Custom Events Will Save the Universe, a talk I gave yesterday at TXJS. (Travel can be fun, but you can’t beat conferences held where you live.)



Helvetica looks great in many contexts. This is not one of them.

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