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Victorious Return

Since the 2006 season, the most zealous of Saints fans have gone to the airport to welcome the Saints back from road games. After landing, players and coaches leave in their own cars — but fans line up along the path to the airport exit, forming a gauntlet of adulation. As he creeped along, coach Sean Payton hoisted the Lombardi Trophy out of his sunroof.



Bourbon Street after Saints win

I was at the Saints’ first playoff victory in 2001. On the way out, walking along the concourse, we were high-fiving perfect strangers as they walked in the other direction. Last night, my parents called me as they drove home from where they’d gone to watch the game. I could hear people yelling, cars honking, and fireworks cracking.



Chris Paul (2009 Top 10)

Chris Paul plays for the New Orleans Hornets. You can’t have him. He belongs to us.



Hilarious send-up of the archetypal on-camera meltdown.



Gets mind-blowingly awesome about two minutes in.



Ze Frank talks at TED 2004. He spends about 4 minutes talking about creating online spaces. The rest of the time he spends being silly.



Wow, I wish this had been my idea. There are a couple places where things don’t line up very well, but Gale & Zemeckis seemed focused on preserving the space-time continuum.

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