About Me

My name is Andrew Dupont. I’m a freelance web developer with a passion for web user interfaces. I live in Austin, Texas, the most glorious city in the United States.

Most of my free time is spent messing around with JavaScript. I’m the co-maintainer of Prototype, the popular JavaScript toolkit.

I’m the author of Practical Prototype & script.aculo.us, a book about Prototype and its sister effects/UI library. It’s published by the wonderful folks at Apress and can be purchased from their web site, from Amazon, or from an actual bookstore, if you’re lucky.

When prodded, I’ve spoken at conferences about JavaScript in general and Prototype specifically — conferences like SXSW Interactive and The Ajax Experience. I might be interested in speaking at your conference, user group, wedding, or bar mitzvah. Drop me a line if you want to talk.

I’ve got plenty of experience with all the skills needed to build a web site: CSS/HTML, server-side web development (Ruby on Rails, PHP), server configuration (mostly Apache), and so on. On the desktop I think I can hold my own at Photoshop. Occasionally I play around with InDesign and Illustrator and manage not to hurt anyone.

I was a Journalism major at The University of Texas at Austin, so I like to pretend I’m a copy editor. I’m the guy who fixes punctuation errors in Wikipedia articles.

A place to be vain and experimental. Actually, it serves chiefly as a place to put all my stuff. The Aggregated Andrew, if you will. Some would call it a tumblelog.

In short, the customary blog unit — the article — commingles with photos I’ve taken, quotations I find notable, links to sites I find interesting, code snippets I find useful, et cetera. It’s unstructured structured blogging.

You can e-mail me with this equation: (the word blog plus one of those ‘at’ signs plus the domain name you see in your address bar). You can find me all over the web, too. Or, if you prefer, you can just leave a comment on one of my posts and it’ll reach me.

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