The Senate Finance Committee’s version of the health care bill is out, but only as a 223-page PDF. OpenCongress has translated it to HTML, but David Moore rightly complains that the whole damn process is too convoluted. Because it hasn’t yet been introduced, it’s not available in THOMAS, and even if it were, we’d need the kind souls at OpenCongress and GovTrack to convert it into a usable format. (Even worse: the way we write legislation is stupid. Why do we need three different versions of the bill if they’re all going to be reconciled in conference committee anyway?)


  1. the way we write legislation is stupid

    I was thinking the exact same thing on my drive home as I listened to NPR recount the current positions of all the various cars in this train wreck.

    I’ve completely had it with Congress and am daydreaming that we could just get the hell rid of it. I started writing a long-ass comment proposing a major structural change to the three branches of government but I’ll spare you the rant and post it on my own blog soon.

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