Inspired by Simon’s screencast, I’ve enabled OpenID comments on my blog. I’m sure I’ve overlooked something, so feel free to test it out on this post and tell me if something doesn’t work right. If you don’t have an OpenID yet, get one!


  1. Seems to work a treat.

  2. This is pretty cool. I’ll have to find out more about OpenID-enabling my own sites.

  3. It is pretty cool. But I’ll have to find a way to do what Simon does: let someone put in an arbitrary nickname instead of a URL. I might have to write my own WordPress plugin or hack an existing one.

  4. Simon, this is great. I heard about openID before, but too much techie details to look into. Now I understood. I set mine up in a few minutes, and now I can’t wait until every single startup uses it so I can sign in with instead of doing another username and pass.

  5. testing :)

  6. test

  7. test2

  8. test3

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